Learning and Sharing

Socially Connected

on February 22, 2014




We had a busy, fun week thinking social.  Here are the highlights…

One of the featured activities for 3rd grade is What Planet Are You On? created by The Dabbling Speechie.  Check out her site at  The activity is available for purchase at

This activity is great for perspective taking, expected/unexpected behaviors and making impressions.  The students used their skills to assist aliens in understanding and thinking social.





The featured activity for 2nd grade is by KIDS CODES Helping Kids Figure It Out and available for purchase at


The activity is called Expected vs Unexpected Behavior While Working or Playing in a Group.  Given behaviors, the students decide if they are expected or unexpected.  They must keep in mind the setting-working or playing in a group.


For the 1st grade girls, I brought out a game that has not been in the rotation for a good while.


Guess What I AM!  Place your face through the space of the card.  The students must look at all the players as they ask questions to gather clues and make a smart guess about what silly character they are.  Each player must say the name of the friend before asking a question so that everyone knows to whom the question is posed.  Holding all the clues in memory in order to make a smart guess is a hard task.  Do they look like they are having a blast?




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