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Happy Valentine’s Day

on February 14, 2014




My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day.  Red, pink, flowers, and chocolate-all my luvs!

My sweet-hearts like this great perspective taking activity.  Given a scenario of student behavior, the lunch buddies make smart guesses about “What are the kids thinking?” or “What is the teacher thinking?”.  What does the given expected or unexpected behavior make the teacher think about that student?  How do their classmates feel about them because of the behavior?


The Dabbling Speechie has created this giant packet called Social Skill Breaks.  It is available for purchase at  Visit the blog at  The social skills groups use this activity while we eat our lunch before we play a game.

The second grade lunch buddies luv the Infer Information visuals and activity from and available for sale at  Visit her store for more great social thinking skills activities.  I particularly like the power cards and the social stories that are a part of each social concept.


Inferring means making a smart guess.  A smart guess is a well informed guess.  Inferring is not predicting.  Inferring is making a smart guess about what is happening right now.  This activity helps the students understand that facial expressions, body language, what they already know about a person, and their own past experiences help us to “read” a person or group and make smart guesses about their intent or their thoughts and feelings.

I had a great plan for my 4th graders, but on the way down to Rm. 99 that plan changed.  They started talking to me about being worried.  They were worried about a social studies test specifically and a variety of school things in general.  We try our best to be as flexible as we can.  I just moved my plan out of the way and pulled out


Wilma Jean worries about everything.  Because of her worries she gets stuck and cannot do the things that she really likes to do.  In this book we see how Wilma Jean learns to deal with her worrying with the help of her mom and teacher.  The students liked the helpful strategies too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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