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40 Days 18 Hours 55 Minutes until Spring!!

on February 7, 2014

The forecast is more snow next week but we have our eye on the prize-Spring!

It has been very busy around here.  Let me show you what we have been up to.



Fish Pose.  Yoga goes on the list of one of the best things we have ever done.  Our lunch buddies love it.  We notice how it affects their attention and focus.


The Friday Girls started yoga this week.

yoga girls

Mountain Pose

gorilla pose

Gorilla Pose

photo (8)

Sleeping Pose


What a talker!.  When Little Miss Chatterbox starts a sentence she just goes on and on.  In fact, she uses up all the words.  It is so unexpected!! Giving in to self-centered interests like Miss Chatterbox means that your brain is out of the group.   Many of the lunch buddies are much like this character from Roger Hargreaves’ series.  We had fun talking about her and making a social behavior map.


We also played Dirty Laundry this week.


Playing this game helps us get to know our friends better and add to our friend files.  One player draws a card and picks a question. An example of a question might be “Which 3 Wizard of Oz characters do I like best?”.  All the other players write down the 3 characters that they think the first player will write down.  It is hard not to write down your own favorites.  This game will help us to think about others and what they like.  We will expand our friend files and become better at being a “thinking of you” person.

Too be continued…

2 responses to “40 Days 18 Hours 55 Minutes until Spring!!

  1. Jamie says:

    I love the idea of using this game to expand my client’s friend files. I also use Whoonu when teaching friend files. I am wondering where you purchased Dirty Laundry, as it is only featured for $100 + on Amazon. Thanks for your help and the great idea!

    • Hi Jamie, Dirty Laundry is an expensive game. When I first looked on Amazon and saw that $100+ price tag, I decided against getting the game. Then I looked a bit further on Amazon and there are a few offered between $50 and $70. I went with one of those. Personally, I think it is worth it. My students really enjoy it.

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