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Happy to be back in School Yesterday!

on February 1, 2014


After stepping on the scales this morning, I declare no more snow days!  Comfort food has gotten the better of me!

The first grade girl group was so  excited to be back together.  There was a great deal of chatter about sledding escapades.  Betsy told us how she hooked the dog up to the sled and he pulled her through the snow!

Getting down to business, we reviewed how we make smart guesses.  Smart Guesses help us to predict what others are thinking, their intent, and what might happen next.


Think with your eyes.  Look at what is going on in the group or on the page.


Listen to what others are saying and how they say it.


Your brain is where you store those people files and experience files.  Our life experiences helps us to make predictions and smart guesses about what others are thinking and what might happen next.

Next, we read


This book is so versatile for helping students understand social thinking concepts.  The adorable wombats make a plan to go for a long walk.  Along the way, some of them get distracted and their bodies and brains get out of the group.  Uh Oh!  unexpected things happen when you are out of the group.  In order to rescue their friends, two of the wombats have to make a plan.  The lunch buddies did a fantastic job making smart guesses about what might happen.  Lots of laughs and lots of learning!

Have a great Saturday, everyone!


3 responses to “Happy to be back in School Yesterday!

  1. sue says:

    I love this! Where do you find your great clip art, specifically the eyes, ear and brain?
    Great job, thank you!

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