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How We Handle the Winter Blahs

on January 29, 2014


When I got out the fun straws on Tuesday I guess I was trying to handle MY winter blahs.  The lunch buddies asked, “Winter blahs?  What does that mean?”.  Clearly they are not feeling the impact of all these snow days like I am.


Flamingos and hibiscus add a little fun to the group.


The third grade groups focused on interest vs. disinterest.  What does disinterest look like?  How do we adjust our behavior when we see our conversation partners showing disinterest?


I made this booklet from Cindy Basso’s Conversation: Signs of Interest vs Disinterest.  This product is available for purchase on  It is important to be able to use our perspective taking skills during conversations.  The lunch buddies discussed what it means when we see the signs of disinterest.  It doesn’t mean that someone is not interested in us, just what we are talking about at the moment.  All this led to a discussion of the “Social Fake”.  We can show signs of interest, even when we are not, to make our friends feel good.  Teachers like it when we show signs of interest.

Enjoy the day!

My Best,


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