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on January 19, 2014

Love 2

These colors are sure to brighten your day!

As a continuation of the post from yesterday, I want to show you how I extended the social thinking concepts with different groups.

With the first grade girls group, we read Duck on a Bike also, and then we played this game as an extension exercise


Winter Wonderland Social Pragmatics Pack is the creation of The Dabbling Speechie and available for purchase on  It is really hard to put yourself in the snowman’s place or pretend to be the snowman when a horse walked by and ate your carrot nose.  We used this pack to create “what if” scenarios that must be jointly imagined.  Sharing an imagination leads to success in: learning as part of a group, having a conversation, reading comprehension, and personal problem solving.

I believe it is important that classroom teachers/exceptional education teachers join us in our social skills groups.  We were joined by Mrs. Ogden last week.  She was very impressed by our group yoga poses and she really liked the Community Circle.


Teachers and parents are always welcome to join a group.  It is important that we “climb as a team”.

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