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Impulse Control

on January 14, 2014

The lunch buddies focused on impulse control today.

First, we read this flip book.  We learned what impulse control means, what it looks like, and how to use it.


This book also gives us a strategy to use- Stop! + Think + Freeze= Impulse Control

Block the bad idea impulse and make a good choice.

We are the boss of our impulses, they are not the boss of us!

I made this flip book from a power point created by Jill Kuzma.   For more information and great visual strategies go to


While we ate lunch, we took turns picking a slip from the Expected Behaviors cup or from the Problem Solving cup.  On each turn, the scenario is read and that person explains the expected/unexpected behaviors or identifies a problem and how to solve it.  Check out the Social skill breaks packet created by Felice Clark, The Dabbling Speechie.  It is available for purchase at

We played Spot it!  That game requires a great deal of impulse control.  We talked about how they might have the impulse to peek at their card before I said the word Go!  but they could “block it” and make a better choice.  They might have the impulse to stand up out of their chairs but they could “block it” and make a better choice.  They might have the impulse to scream out but they had a strategy to use instead.

New partner yoga pose~


Sleeping Stars



One response to “Impulse Control

  1. Felice Clark says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I am going to be doing middle school next year and plan to start a lunch bunch group. I will probably visiting your site more often.

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