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Fun Friday!

on January 11, 2014


Every day is fun in lunch buddies, but Friday is especially FUN.  Check out what we were up to today-

We played Bubble Talk


These boys did a great job at choosing hilarious captions to go with the pictures


Friday is the day that the first grade girls get together for lunch and social skills.

We played a Bean Bag Toss Conversation Game.


Those pages on the floor have statement stems printed on them.  Some example statements are, “My favorite place is… ;  If I won a million dollars, I would…;  When I grow up I want to be… etc.”  Everyone gets a turn to toss the bean bag.  Whichever page the bean bag lands on, the player turns it over and reads the statement stem and complete the sentence.  After the player completes the statement they choose a friend and turn the statement into a question.  The players keep the conversation going by making comments and asking further questions.  As you can see from the photo collage the girls are referencing their conversation partners with eye contact.  I am behind the group taking the photos, so they cannot look to me to facilitate!  Maddie said that her favorite place to be was school and that she wanted to be a teacher when she grows up!  Betsy wants to be a doctor then a vet.  I learned a great deal about these lunch buddies by listening to their conversation!  The Bean Bag Conversation Game can be found at  Angela Cardenas has posted many great lessons there.

We played a game of  Zingo!  in Mrs. Allgeier’s room.  The “big sentences” were booming around the table!


The student working on being a Social Detective is progressing nicely and on level 5.

To end this post I want to share this perfect partner pigeon pose


Have a great weekend, everyone!

My Best,


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