Learning and Sharing

Big Smiles All Around

on January 7, 2014


It was so good to see the Monday lunch buddies after the two week winter break.  They are engaging with each other in such a natural way.  There were big smiles from the adults in the group as the students showed interest in each other and what they did over the holiday.  There was no need for prompting as they asked questions and  made comments about each others sharing.

Here’s what’s New in the New Year

Yoga Poses


London Bridge pose-sometimes it is really hard to look at your partner.  The Pigeon pose is a real stretch!  Community circle is such a sweet moment.

I shared my “future glasses” with this group.  We talked about picturing  or seeing ourselves doing the activity.  What materials we would need and what it would look like when it was done.  We talked about how much time we thought it would take to finish and used the timer to see if we were correct.


While we ate lunch, we made predictions using the New Years Prediction Pack created by Allison Nicole and available at  Check out more of Allison’s creations and visit her website

New year

New year1

New year2

Great job today. lunch buddies!

2hr. delay for Tuesday.  We will arrive at school just in time for the first Tuesday group 🙂



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