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Happy New Year!!

on January 4, 2014


Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope all of you enjoyed the holidays and are ready to come back to school with  renewed energy and focus on learning social.

A two week break goes by mighty fast!!  I had a lovely white Christmas with my family in West Virginia. Back here in Richmond, Autastic Avenues launched their social skills groups with Legos Collaboration Workshops on the two Fridays of the break.  Visit the blog and find out about the Legos Workshops at  Plans for future workshops are being made now.  We want to have a group for girls next time!

I put on my “Future Glasses” today


I am practicing the same visual strategies that I will ask my students to use in the new year.  “Future Glasses” are a fun prop to help students understand Sarah Ward’s concept of visualizing the future.  What will the final product/outcome/place/ behavior look like?  Sarah’s visual schema strategy is visualize the future-> picture the outcome-> match the mental picture.  Sometimes when we ask students to do something we also need to tell them what that looks like.  In the words of Stephen Covey:


Some children, especially those with executive dysfunction, need to see or have a picture of what a project will look like when it is finished or what the future will look like when their homework is done.  Once they have that picture, then they can get the materials they need and do the job.  For more information on Sarah Ward’s start with the end in mind strategy visit her website at

I see big fun for the lunch buddies with this new game


It combines the best of our two favorites-UNO and Jenga!

Stay warm and enjoy the last hours of the winter break.

See ya bright and early on Monday!!

My Best



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