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Defeating Bah! Humbug! Part 2


Just hung a colorful holiday wreath on my front door.  Looks very nice.   After a long day I like to be greeted by beauty.  Since the flowers are gone, the wreath will work just fine.

Candy continues to be a great way to defeat Bah! Humbug!  Room 99 is on the Kindergarten hall and I have so enjoyed watching the faces of the students as they pass by my room looking for Candy.  The first grade girls were so excited to see the message in the M&M’s that Candy made for them.


She even taped some chocolate gold coins underneath chairs in the speech room for some lucky second grade boys.  Nice surprise.


Group yoga was particularly fun this week.  The students form a Community Circle with Mrs. Rairden.

community-circle1From the Circle, more fun activities evolve.



These wonderful activities come from Yoga Pretzels by Tara Guber and Leah Kalish.

I have been waiting for the opportunity to use the new book that I purchased at the Social Thinking® Providers Conference


I took this resource with me to a Parent/Teacher conference on Friday.  The purpose of the conference was to brainstorm ideas for motivating a particular student.  I suggested that maybe what appears to be a lack of motivation is actually Executive Dysfunction.  We all agreed that this particular student would benefit from some personal goal setting.  We also agreed to try the concepts presented in this curriculum.  Notice that I said “we”.  Parents, teachers and I will be focused on the same goal.  It takes a team to help a student get “unstuck and on target”!

My Best,


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Defeating Bah! Humbug! Part 1


Poinsettias are so beautiful.  Just looking at this picture makes me feel happier.  It has been one very busy week.  I thought that I had spent more time in meetings and doing paperwork than anything else until I reviewed what happened in our social groups.

The concept of listening with your whole body is reviewed with the Kindergartners in Mrs. Lindstrom’s class, in some way, each  and every day.  We try to “catch” them using Whole Body Listening and reinforce it with our words of praise.  Mrs. Lindstrom engages the class in an interactive lesson using the visual that I created using Custom Boards app for iPad


This week, I used the book from The Incredible Flexible You (a Social Thinking® curriculum and available at


The children in the story “show” how their brains and bodies get out of the group but “thinking with their eyes” helps them to realize how their behavior makes others feel.  To keep their friends and teachers thinking good thoughts and feeling good feelings about them, they adjust their focus and listen with their whole bodies.

I found the most adorable video showing Cookie Monster learning to listen with his whole body

I used activities from


for all of the social skills groups this week.  At this time of year it is particularly important to “think about others”.  The Holiday Social Skills packet from and available for purchase at contains a social story about “thinking about others”.  It is important that my students know the “why” behind that concept, especially when it comes time to choose a gift for someone.   Observing others is a great way to find out what they like.  If you don’t know what they like, ask questions.  Thinking about others is the best way to show your friends that you are interested in them and that you care about them.


The third grade group needed to update their “friend files”.  Talking about what we knew that our friends in the group were interested in or what they liked revealed that we had not checked into those friend files in a long time.

Looks like I am going to have to post a Part 2 for this week.  So much happens in Lunch Buddies that one post cannot contain it.

Writing about our activities makes me feel happy.  When that Bah! Humbug! creeps into my brain I can defeat it by thinking happy thoughts of holiday social skills.

Stay safe everyone, it could be a slickery Sunday!

Happy Holidays!


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Candy the Elf

Candy has been busy making a nice list…


I think all the Lunch Buddies found their names on the list.

Today, she spent most of her time looking at Christmas catalogues.


Candy did share M&M’s with some lucky boys!

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Looks Who’s Back!

Guess who appeared in Room 99 this morning?  Candy, our fav Elf on a

There she was stuck to the window on the door letting all the students know that she was back and ready to have some fun.



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The Benefits of Social Skills Groups


Social skills are critical for long term success.  While most children learn to be social quite naturally, others must learn the hidden social keys through explicit coaching and practice.  What are the benefits of Social Skills Groups?

Check out the blog post at

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