Learning and Sharing

Celebrating Peer Mentors

on December 17, 2013


When I thought of a peer mentor club at the beginning of the school year, my vision for it was very different than how it has actually turned out.  I thought that I would consult with teachers looking for that perfect match for my students.  I thought that we would spend hours in training and preparation.  Guess what?  In reality, it all happened so naturally!  I am so grateful for the peer mentor club and how they support the Lunch Buddies.  They provide excellent social models for the groups and so much more.  They are never “bossy”.  Instead of telling someone what to do, they might say, “this is how I would do it”.  Just their calm presence and mindfulness is a powerful influence on the group.

We celebrated this wonderful group of mentors today with a super fun party.


Pin the Tail on Rudolph




Deck the Halls Jenga

Oh and we chowed down on pizza and cupcakes, too!

Woo Hoo, Peer Mentors!

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