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Working on Conversation Breakdowns

on December 14, 2013

two 3d humans with empty chat and idea bubbles

The first grade Lunch Buddies have been working on identifying and fixing conversation breakdowns.  I was so proud of them this week.  As we sat around the table eating lunch, I read the Keeping the Topic Going social story from the Holiday Social Skills packet from http:/ and available for purchase on (I must say that this packet is so worth the purchase if you have social skills groups).  The most common conversation breakdown within this group has been non-acknowledgment or being an unwonderer.  Conversations fall flat when one partner does not show interest by commenting or asking a question.

Next, we completed the worksheet together.  As we worked on this, we had many opportunities to practice how we could keep the topic going with questions and comments.


Finally, we had fun working on the comic strips.  I had to work to keep up with these darlin’ girls!  My role as facilitator is changing.  Most of the time I am there to open food packaging and monitor the time while they engage with each other!  Love that.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!

My Best,


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