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on December 11, 2013

photo 2

Candy left a present for the Lunch Buddies.  Jenga is a favorite and we have played the game in many forms, but the colorful Deck the Halls Jenga seemed like a brand new game.  Mrs. Rairden and I were inspired by Mary Keiger, at, who created Red Zone Jenga for her social skills group.

Before playing the Lunch Buddies version of Holiday Jenga, Mrs. Rairden reviewed the Zones of Regulation with the group.  For more info go to

zones sheet

Next, we discussed the “goal” of Jenga (removing a piece without causing the tower to fall) and how everyone needed to work toward that goal.

Then, Mrs. Rairden explained the rules of the game.  If a student removed a red piece they, picked a red card.  If a student removed a green piece, they picked a green card.

zones cards

The card might have a picture of a face.  The student then decides what zone that face represents and explains how they knew it.  Other cards have a scenario written out on them and the student might have to decide what phrases such as “butterflies in your stomach” mean/feel like.  What zone “butterflies” might put you in and what strategies you could use to get back to the green zone.

Here we are having fun.



Thanks for the present, Candy

Ho Ho Ho,


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