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The Power of a Thought

on November 13, 2013





On Tuesday,  in Mrs. Lindstrom’s kindergarten class, we continued the focus on thinking thoughts.  The foundation for our lessons is The Incredible Flexible You curriculum.  From previous lessons the students learned that “your brain is where you think a thought”.  Most everyone has learned and can now sing with gusto,  Where You Think a Thought from the fabulous TIFY music CD.  The students sing that a thought is like a picture in your brain.


We talked about the power of a thought.  A thought is so powerful we can create anything in our minds.  Anything we create comes from the power of thought.  We read What is a Thought?  a delightful book!  With this book we had an age appropriate lesson on perspective taking as it applies to each student.  They were encouraged to explore their thoughts and feelings in relation to the world around them.  Mrs. Lindstrom wanted us to discuss, too, about thinking thoughts and letting them go without saying them outloud.  If we say every thought we think we could hurt someone’s feelings or make them have uncomfortable thoughts about US.

The CD that comes with the book What is a Thought? includes lesson plans and activities to extend the teaching to further explore the concepts of social thinking.

What is a Thought?

For lesson 1,  I drew a picture of a star in my thought bubble and explained how I could close my eyes and think about a star and then create a picture of it on paper.


Then the students closed their eyes and thought of holding a star and then went back to their seats and created the star that they thought of.


big star

Anything we create comes from the power of thought!

My Best,


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