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Thinking with your Eyes

on November 9, 2013


Eyes are like arrows.  They are usually pointing at what you are thinking about.  In our Thursday group, I can always tell when B. is thinking about popcorn!  You are thinking with your eyes when you look at the group and then match your level of excitement to the others.  Thinking with your eyes will help you figure out what a person will do next.  Thinking with your eyes will help you to make predictions when reading a book.

The activity for the Thursday group was all about the social thinking concept of thinking with your eyes.  I used parts of the activity Being a Detective: Thinking Socially and Letting Your Eyes Do the Thinking created by SLP Madness Michelle Rothstein and available for purchase at


We talked about what it means to think with your eyes to get clues about what others are thinking and what they are planning to do next.  The packet includes worksheets with pictures to help students practice the process.  We did them together as a group.  It is always helpful to hear someone model their thought process.  We used all kinds of clues.  Picture clues, clues from past experiences, and clues from friend files helped us figure out what the people were thinking about in the pictures and what they might do next.

Next, we used an activity from the Monster Social Skills packet created by Shannon Lisowe at and available for purchase at


The students used their thinking with your eyes superpower to find clues in what they read.


Combining what they know from their own life, past experience, and word clues the students were able to figure out what someone was thinking or feeling.

Big fun today!  Mrs. Neer joined us as our special guest.  She is a Resource Teacher for some of the students in the group.

My Best,


3 responses to “Thinking with your Eyes

  1. sue says:

    Hi Robin,
    I can’t find Michelle Rothstein’s Being a Detective… activity on TPT. Any suggestions how I can access this?

  2. Thank you for mentioning my product!! You are so kind 🙂

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