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Another Exercise in Self-control

on November 6, 2013


Learning social is a long process because it requires deep understanding.  So, we are discussing self-control again.  Our level of excitement has an effect on the people around us.  If our level of excitement does not match the others in the group or the situation we are in, others may have uncomfortable thoughts about us.  Others may not enjoy being around us or playing games with us.  We want to keep others thinking good thoughts and feeling good feelings about us.  That means we monitor ourselves and adjust our behavior accordingly.

Each Lunch Buddies session begins with 15-20 minutes of yoga.  Yoga helps prepare calm minds and bodies for learning.  Yoga gives us self-regulating strategies to add to our toolbox.

Monday after yoga we read another great book by Julia Cook


In this book, Louis struggles to “focus”.  His mother nags him ALL the time because he has so much trouble just getting ready for school.  Louis has a very smart mother.  She creates a “Nag Board” for him.

nag board

Louis can just “check” his Nag Board to see that he is getting things done and staying focused.


After we read It’s Hard to be a Verb,  we discussed Energy Hare-y.  Energy Hare-y is that Unthinkable who gives people too much energy, especially at times when their bodies should be calm.  We then used Superflex’s Very Cool Five-Step Power Plan to defeat Energy-Hare-y.

five step

Step 3 and 4 give us strategies to help us be flexible thinkers and also to think with our eyes and notice if our energy level matches the expected level of the group.  Are the other members of the group out of their seat?  If not, adjust your behavior to match.

The game of Slamwich was even more fun when everyone used the Flex Do-Body power!

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