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Happy Halloween!

on October 31, 2013


R. I. P. Unthinkables!!

Big thank you to Mary Keiger at AUsomely Social for sharing An Unthinkable Burial!  Our third grade social skills group had a spooktacular time.  This particular group knows the Unthinkables very well and because they know how to use The Five-Step Power Plan to defeat them,  they were able to bury them on this Halloween day.


The students matched the epitaph with the appropriate Unthinkable


The activity is available at

Have a spooky day!


3 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. mhkeiger says:

    Terrific! Thank you for sharing the lesson!

  2. Chanah says:

    My students and I loved this booklet! We didn’t know who one of the Unthinkables were and my students asked me to find out. It is the Unthinkable that matches with the epitaph “a friend to the end.” Can you tell us how this Unthinkable tries to attack us?

    • Hi Chanah,
      Thanks for your question. In the book Social Town Citizens Discover 82 New Unthinkables for Superflex to Outsmart, you will find Stick to Me Sam. This unthinkable makes a person very upset and disappointed when a friend wants to play or talk with someone else. He also gets people to think that if someone is nice to them, that person wants to be their best friend. Stick to Me Sam was created by Mary Keiger who also created the Halloween Game.

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