Learning and Sharing

Big Pumpkin

on October 30, 2013


In Mrs. Lindstrom’s Kindergarten class yesterday, we further explored The Group Plan.  Many students struggle with this concept.  Maybe they are not paying attention or don’t know how to be a part of the group.  Maybe they are not regulated.  Whatever the reason, we are working hard to show them how they can be part of the group plan.  There were plenty of opportunities to contrast the group plan with following your own plan!!

What better book than


to illustrate a Group Plan.  All the characters want some pumpkin pie, but first they have to get the pumpkin off the vine.  Each one tries but fails.  Then the bat proposes a terrific plan-a Group Plan!


Everyone in the group is thinking about the same thing-pumpkin pie.  Everyone works together to get the job done.

The students took turns acting out the story and enjoyed the learning today.  Me too!



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