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Practicing Self-Control

on October 29, 2013


Playing the game Slamwich requires a great deal of self-control.  Last week we played and several things happened.   There were lots of slip-slaps.  slip-slap happens when a player slaps the deck when there is no slamwich, double decker, or stop thief  card in the center pile.  A slip-slap happens when we are not practicing self-control.  Some token towers went flying around the table last week.  Some students were out of their seat and in the middle of the table.  Wow!  I could tell that not everyone was having fun because of the lack of self-control around the table.  Today I started the group on a different path to get to Slamwich.

First, we read this book


This wonderful book helps us understand what it means to receive positive and negative feedback and how to respond appropriately to that feedback.  I have noticed that some of the students struggle to see feedback simply as information and/or advice that can help you improve.  So, we read this book to prepare everyone for receiving feedback during the game.

Next, we discussed emotional regulation.  Slamwich is a very exciting game and it is easy to lose control over your level of excitement.


These visuals helped the students understand what silly and serious looks like and when they are expected and unexpected.  We decided that a game of Slamwich had rules and that we could be playful and have fun, but not be silly.  These visuals are free downloads at

Then we played Slamwich


I think we all had a much better time.  Self-control is much easier for some people than others.  We must keep at it because self-control will help us to be better friends, better citizens, and better employees in the future.

My Best,


One response to “Practicing Self-Control

  1. mhkeiger says:

    What a great game for working on self-control! I also read “Thanks for the Feedback” with my kiddos a couple of weeks ago. It was very helpful as they sometimes forget to look and sound like they are accepting feedback or even compliments.

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