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Magically Predicting

on October 20, 2013

Making predictions and smart guesses continue to be the focus for Book Chat.  Our activity for Friday was-

Screen shots13

Magically Predicting, created by Kristine Lamb at, is available for purchase at

The students did a great job reading a short paragraph and then selecting the correct answer from A, B, or C, for “What might happen next”.   Everyone achieved at least 80% accuracy.  Reading a short paragraph and making an inference without choices provided, proved to be a bit more difficult.  As a therapist, I had the opportunity to model how to draw on prior knowledge and experience to help in making a smart guess.  Magically Predicting is a great activity and a good exercise.  However, when reading a book,  students are expected to do a more complex “cognitive juggling” act.  I love that-“cognitive juggling”!  I read that in Kelly Branam Cartwright”s article Reading Comprehension and Working Memory”s Executive Processes: An Intervention Study in Primary School Students.  Read the complete article at’s-executive-processes-an-intervention-study-in-primary-school-students.  The research has found that individuals with ASD perform poorly on measures of executive function and that working memory is one of the limitations.  Kelly writes that the executive functions associated with reading comprehension can be taught resulting in improvements in reading comprehension.  The article lines out training tasks as well.

Activities such as Magically Predicting provide a platform for modeling and practice of executive skills.

It is exciting to uncover new ways to assist our students!

Enjoy this sunny Sunday!



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