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Taking the Perspective of Others

on October 17, 2013


Reflect on any recent conflicts you have had and chances are the inability to see things as others see them is at the core of the problem.  Different people see and hear things differently based on where they are standing, what they are paying attention to, and how they are feeling.  Children who can take others’ perspectives are much less likely to get involved in conflicts  with their parents, teachers and friends.  Perspective taking requires the following executive functions:  inhibitory control or inhibiting our own thoughts and feelings to consider the perspective of others; cognitive flexibility to see a situation in different ways; and reflection or the ability to consider someone else’s thinking alongside our own.

Our activity today


Taking the Perspective of Others is part of Space Hero Social Skills created by CC at and available for purchase at  The activity includes a social story, power card and a game.  While playing the game it became very clear that our students struggled to inhibit  their own thoughts and feelings in order to understand the thoughts and actions of others as they were explained on the cards.

BTW, I am going to a Social Thinking Providers Conference next week.  I know that I will return with some excellent new ideas.

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