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What would a good sport do?

on October 15, 2013


We are always striving for good sportsmanship in the Lunch Buddies groups.  Even with all of our coping strategies like positive self-talk ( “maybe I will win next time” or “if you had fun-you won”),  it is hard to be a good sport about losing a game.  Good sportsmanship is about respect.   We respect the rules of the game.  We respect all the players efforts.    Sportsmanship is the ability to win without gloating and lose without pouting.   We offer words of encouragement and words of praise.

Our activity today-

photo 1

A Social Story, a power card for being a good sport and a game “what would a good sport do?” created by CC at and available for purchase at

And then, a lively game of Cars Uno


The Lunch Buddies used their best “sportsmanship” as we played.


Lots of new yoga poses




Having fun,



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