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Making An Impression

on October 12, 2013


This week, our social skills focus included making impressions.  Our behavior affects others.   We want others to have good thoughts and good feelings about us so we need to be mindful of the impression we are making.  We make impressions by what we say, what we do, and how we look.

When we keep our brain and body in the conversation, our communication partners will feel that we are interested in them and what they are saying.   Make sure that your communication partners have an equal amount of talking time-don’t use up all the words.  If you use up all the words, the impression you could make is that you are uncaring and annoying.   The topics that you talk about are very important, too.  If you only talk about violent things your communication partners may feel nervous and uncomfortable.

Your facial expression and body language is very important to making impressions.  Smile and look at your communication partners.  The impression will be that you are friendly and nice.  It is also important that you pay attention to how you look.  If you have yogurt on your face while you are talking to a friend at lunch, the impression could be that you are messy.  If you pick your nose during group others will be totally grossed out.

Our visual, created by Jill Kuzma and available at, helps everyone to see how important it is to think about others and be mindful of what they might be thinking about you.



Our activity


is part of Help! I Need Social Skills Pack created by The Dabbling Speechie and available for purchase on

I want to report that our star mentor, Davis Elliott, made a wonderful impression on us this week!  He is calm and easy-going.  His critical thinking skills helped all of us in the second grade group.  The impression is that he is a natural mentor!

Stay dry and enjoy your weekend!

My Best,



One response to “Making An Impression

  1. Hi Robin! Thanks for the shout-out and using my Impressions visual! Now, I am going to check out YOUR cool activity! Awesome! – JIll Kuzma

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