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New Additions to Book Chat

on October 7, 2013


The purpose of the Friday Book Chat is to help students with ASD develop reading comprehension skills.  What does reading comprehension depend on?  Audra Jensen explains in her book I Get It! that “In their review of the research literature,  Cain and Oakhill (2007) identify three distinct predictors of reading comprehension: the ability to answer inferential questions, the ability to monitor comprehension, and the capacity to understand story structure”.

Maryellen Moreau, founder of MindWing Concepts, Inc, developed  the Story Grammar Marker ® as an effective way to teach students who struggle with the concept of story structure.  Here is what it looks like-


This visual representation system helps students understand the story itself and free up working memory so they can do more thinking.  The green pompom represents the Character (a person, animal or other being).  The star represents the Setting (chosen as the icon because sailors look to the stars to determine their location and direction).  The initiating event is represented by a Shoe ( the initiating event is the “kick off”).  And on it goes…  For more information about the Story Grammar Marker® go to

We do love our visuals and manipulatives!!

I got the Story Grammar Marker or SGM® APP for iPad.  I think it will be a very popular tool.


Will keep you posted on how this is all received in Book Chat!

Have a great week everyone.  Parent-teacher conferences Thursday evening and Friday morning.




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