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on October 6, 2013


I love Book Chat more each week that we meet!  A new student joined the group on Friday and I think his presence will kick things up a notch.  I discovered that if he knows what is expected he will do his best to give exactly that and to encourage his friends in the group to give it too!

The resource teacher and I discussed in our planning sessions how we would like for the students to be more spontaneous with their questions and comments as we read the book for Book Chat.   We would like for them to be spontaneous but at the same time show impulse control and not blurt out when others are talking and to balance the talking time.

This week I revised the script.  It looked like this-


We have experienced students talking over each other and interrupting, but it is expected that we all take turns and if someone starts talking you need to stop and wait for your turn.  We always like to hear supporting comments because it makes us all feel good.  The students have not been asking questions or commenting very much without a spoken prompt or a lead in phrase but it is expected that students verbally participate (staying on topic, of course!).   On the new script, I showed them what that would sound like and what words they could use.  Worked like a charm!  All three adults in the Friday Book Chat had smiles on their faces!

We read this book for Book Chat-


Your Very Own Robot by R. A. Montgomery is a choose your own adventure book.  We created the story with our choices. As we read this book we had to work together to make a choice using information we had gathered and decided on as a group.  It was fun to see where our choices took us!  In the book there are 12 possible endings.

Spread the Word…Book Chat is fun!

My Best,


PS  As I finished this post I remembered a perfect visual for helping this group to talk more or less.  Will introduce this next Friday!



2 responses to “Spread the Word!

  1. mhkeiger says:

    Hi Robin! I can’t tell you much I enjoy reading your blog. I haven’t had a chance to blog in awhile and reading about what you are doing makes my day. Sometimes we have the same lesson plan that week! I was wondering how you create your custom boards. I tried finding the app, but there were so many. Any help would be appreciated! Have a wonderful week! Mary Keiger

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Thanks so much, Mary, for your comment. I think it is so cool that our focus takes us in the same direction! The app that I use is a Smarty Ears app called Custom Boards. I upgraded to the Premium version when it became available. It is super easy to use, thank goodness.

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