Learning and Sharing

The Group Plan

on October 5, 2013


The Incredible Flexible You lesson for this week was about the Group Plan.  We moved on from Thinking Thoughts as individuals to thinking about something together.  The expectation is for the students to begin to understand that they are part of a group and the group has a plan.  When everyone follows the group plan then it works!

I started the opening routine by acknowledging and greeting each student and saying ” (Name) is in the group and ready to think about the plan”.  By the time I finished they were very curious about “the plan”.

Next we read


The children in the book showed us what it means to follow the group plan.  They also showed us what happens to the group when we follow our own plan.

Of course, we sang and danced to the song The Plan.

Next, we played a game, which I referred to as “our group plan”.  I explained to the students that our group plan was to pass eggs and fill a bucket.  As the music played we passed a plastic egg from student to student.  When the music stopped the student holding the egg put it in the bucket.  When the bucket was full I reinforced the concept by saying “We followed the group plan and filled the bucket with eggs together”.

I love the generalization tips called Beyond the Lesson.  Just because the lesson is over doesn’t mean the learning stops!  It is important to continue to use and reinforce the group plan vocabulary throughout the school day.  “It is circle time.  The plan is to put your body in the group”  or “the group plan is to get your backpack and wait by the door” are examples.

The purpose of this weeks lesson was to increase the students’ awareness that there is an overall plan.

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Have a great weekend everyone!




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