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What’s “bugging” you?

on October 1, 2013




Today the 3rd/4th graders had a great time in the social group.  Our discussion of what it means to be a friend continues and today we read




This book got a lot of laughs as we read all the tips on what to do if you want to get rid of your friends.  The girl in the book tattled and was selfish and stingy.  She played tricks on people and whined.  She had tantrums and bullied younger kids.  Even her cat and dog were afraid of her grouchy, grumpy moods.  Guess what?  She figured out that all those behaviors made kids have uncomfortable thoughts about her and didn’t want to be around her at all.  In the end, she realized that ya gotta have friends.

We talked about how some behaviors “bug” us.  I passed out plastic bugs and as we thought of behaviors that “bug” us we placed the bugs in the middle of the table.  Some of the things that “bug” us are: tattling, interrupting, and being tricked.




We did a bit of self-reflection.  What do we do that “bugs” others?



I found this activity on Pinterest.  Visit for details.

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