Learning and Sharing

A New Lens

on September 28, 2013


This co-teaching experience is forcing me and the resource teacher to view our students through a new lens.  I thought I was a flexible thinker but Rock Brain invades our planning sessions sometimes.  Stretching my brain can be a bit painful.  I am learning a lot about what is expected of my students in general education classrooms.

We decided that I would start Book Chat (with a book and a plan) on Fridays and the resource teacher would take it from there for the next week by continuing to use that book and the concepts.

I started Book Chat with the following:


A visual reminder that we use our eyes, ears and brain to make smart guesses or predictions about what might happen and why.  With our eyes we look for picture clues, with our ears we listen for clues when others read or talk about their ideas and with our brain and eyes we can visualize what we read.  Our students struggle to make connections to other stories they have read and to their own lives.  We are working to help them develop that skill.  As they learned to create friend files they can learn to create files to store experiences from their time at school and with their families.

Next, I read a social story about reading this book.  I set the stage for thinking about what might happen.  The boy in the story found a bird and wanted to keep her as a pet and thought of her as a friend.  I made a connection between the story and my own pet, Nic the dog.  In the social story I told of how Nic and I like to watch TV together and I think of him as my friend.

The Book Chat book is:

tree of bird

The students were very familiar with this book.  Note to self: do not choose a book that they know and have memorized!

I covered the words in order for the students to do a Picture Walk strategy.  Oh boy!  Because they already knew what the words were on each page they had difficulty thinking of any other words to describe what was going on.  Some students were more flexible than others.  One student kept asking “When are we going to read?”.

The Picture Walk took up our whole 45 min. together.  We used our “thought bubble” visual to help cue the students to think what the boy might be thinking and why.


And a speech bubble to help scaffold what the character might be sayingdouche1

The session helped to set the stage for facilitating reading comprehension.

During our planning session, the resource teacher and I review the past session before we plan for the new session.  Learning a lot!

Let me focus that new lens…



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