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Great week in and out of Rm. 99

on September 18, 2013

Yoga was fun today!  Mrs. Rairden taught us all some new poses.  The best part was that the poses were all part of a story she told.

The story began with a quiet little mouse-


Then along came a cat that loved to play


A dog came along and frightened the cat


The dog wagged his tail.


There was more to the story and as you can see the students loved acting it out through the yoga poses.  They asked to repeat it today and the story continues next time.

These ideas and more came from


In the social skills group we were Social Butterflies.  This game presents different social scenarios or problems for the students to consider.  They identified the problem and decided on a solution.


Social Butterfly was created by Nicole Allison at  It is available to purchase at

I stepped out of the speech room and into a kindergarten classroom.


See my thought bubble that I am holding above my head?  It is a great visual clue to show that I am having a thought about something.  Our lesson today focused on thinking thoughts and feeling feelings from the Incredible Flexible You curriculum available at  My lesson dovetailed right into their curriculum.

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