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Sunday Morning

on September 15, 2013

I sure do enjoy Sunday mornings on the deck.  Today the weather is perfect for sitting out here meditating and having a cup of coffee or two or three.    This is a good time for planning- my week, month and year.  There is so much to think about with the new business-Autastic Avenues.  I started working with our very first client last week.  There are many changes to deal with in this adventure, too.












Some changes are expected and easier to handle.  Some changes are unexpected and turn out to be better than okay.  Some changes are unexpected and difficult.  As I deal with my own change I try to understand and help my students deal with the daily changes in their school day.

I can always count on Jill Kuzma at, to have the perfect visual to support the social concepts with which my students are struggling.


I have printed and bound A Kid’s Guide to Understanding, and Handling Change several times already this school year and passed it on to parents and teachers.  It is not enough to read and discuss how to deal with change once a week.  Change happens all the time.

All children have to be taught coping skills but kids with ASD, ADHD, and social thinking deficits need a more intensive, specialized course of instruction than others in order for them to learn to cope with change.  I think that the most important coping strategy that we can teach is flexible thinking.  We all have to deal with unexpected changes in life.  Check out   In her column, Temple Grandin advocates teaching flexibility to help children with ASD learn to accept change.

Along with A Kid’s Guide to Understanding, and Handling Change, our group enjoyed Social Aliens.  Social Aliens is a social skills game created by Danielle Reed at and available for purchase on


The Aliens must deal with the social changes confronting them on a new planet.  Our students helped by thinking of coping strategies for each problem.  Great activity.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

My Best,


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