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Great Second Day of School

on September 5, 2013


I cannot believe how much some of the second grade lunch buddies have grown.  They have gotten taller but they have also grown in their social thinking skills.  Today’s coaching session began with partner yoga (which is becoming quite popular!).  Then we read a terrific book.


A SodaPop Head has difficulty dealing with anger.  We all feel anger sometimes.  When we do feel anger there are expected behaviors for how we respond .  If we don’t learn coping strategies for dealing with feelings of anger those feelings just build up until we explode with  behaviors like hitting or saying hurtful words.  Author Julia Cook does an excellent job of telling what it is like to let anger build up inside until her character blows his top.  At that point all kinds of unexpected behaviors are manifest.  Lucky for Lester that his dad knows some helpful coping strategies.  He learns to  recognize and manage his anger.

Our book chat led us to discuss how words can hurt or words can help.  We used these visuals created by Joel Shaul.



These visuals were most helpful.   I could see by the look on the students’ faces that equating emotional pain and pleasure to physical pain and pleasure was working to help them “get it”.  Go to for the free download.

We also used this great visual created by Jill Kuzma


This visual guided our discussion about what to do if we did say hurtful words.  You can “fix it” with an apology and kind words.  Go to for great visual supports .

I like the way things are going…

My Best,



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