Learning and Sharing

Makin’ a plan

on August 29, 2013


Mrs. Rairden and I had a great planning session today.  I think we were so productive because we were in a lovely patisserie having coffee and pastries.


When we form the social skills groups, we consider grade, personality and level of social thinking ability.  We like to bring  students together who compliment the group.  Classroom teachers help us select students to join the group as “friends” or “models”.  This year we want to train student volunteers to act as peer mentors.  Our long range plan is that the students who are currently in the groups will become the future mentors of younger students.

If you use Zones of Regulation, visit and click on free share.  There is a new feature that offers visuals of how other users are adapting the Zones concepts for their students.  We selected the data sheet (terrific!!)-


and this great visual


that students can use as a reminder of what strategies  they can use to self-regulate.

We are so looking forward to Tuesday when we will meet with our first group of the new school year!

My Best,


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