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Visuals to support my students in their classrooms

on August 23, 2013


I have been a “busy bee” today!  I have printed and laminated some visual supports to give to the classroom teachers who will be teaching my students this fall.

Here’s one that I love, love, love!  Found it on Pinterest and you can visit for the freebie.




Spoken language usually serves to increase rather than decrease stress levels.  Visuals help to create less stressful and smoother routine communication.   Rather than engage in a verbal exchange with a student the teacher can just hand this visual to the student or place it on the student’s desk.  I think this will be a better way of getting their attention than using words.  Sometimes I think what they hear is “Blah, Blah, Blah”.

When a student needs to be released from an activity he/she will make that need known one way or another.  If he/she does not have an expected and easy way to request out of the activity, we may see unexpected behavior serving as that communication.





I love empowering students to self-check and monitor their own feelings and behaviors.  This visual is perfect for just that.



Just getting started!!!!

My Best,


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4 responses to “Visuals to support my students in their classrooms

  1. Robin Parker says:

    Awesome post. Your students are so lucky that they have someone advocating for them in and out of the ‘speech room!

  2. HI! I shared this post on my FB page in the hope that other teachers will be able to have access to your wisdom, creativity and insights. Thank you for sharing!

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