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Making and Keeping Friends

on August 19, 2013


Looking forward to getting the Lunch Buddies groups back together again!  The plan is to have a focus on friendships.

Why are friendships important? Friendships:

  •  promote confidence
  •  boost happiness
  •  reduce stress
  •  teach loyalty
  •  give a sense of identity
  •  provide stability
  •  provide opportunities for recreation


Tony Attwood lists some essential skills for children to make friends as:

  • knowing how to enter/join a group of children and knowing how to welcome another into their activity
  • recognizing when and how to help others and how to seek help from others
  • knowing when and how to give compliments and how to accept compliments from others
  • knowing when and how to give criticism and knowing how to tolerate criticism
  • accepting suggestions and incorporating the ideas of others into an activity
  • reciprocity, sharing and keeping a balance in conversation and activities
  • managing disagreement with compromise
  • understanding facial expressions and body language (thinking with your eyes!)
  • showing empathy for others in both positive and negative situations
  • knowing the appropriate behavior and comments to maintain solitude or end an interaction

Here is a great visual to have posted and refer to often-


This poster is available at:

Lunch Buddies provides a fun and safe environment to practice the essential skills for making and keeping friends.  For most of our students these important skills must be explicitly taught and practiced.  The way we make and keep friends in kindergarten is different than how we do it in 3rd grade, so we have new resources, games and materials.  With our Mentor Club, we hope to use peer mentors to facilitate generalization of skills in the natural environment.

Check back often to follow the development of the Mentor Club and how we are doing with making and keeping friends.

My Best,


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