Learning and Sharing

A Year of Blogging

on August 14, 2013


It has been one year since I thought about starting a blog.  I was clueless about getting started but lucky for me there is a youtube video for everything!  The original purpose for LunchBuddiesPlus was to communicate with busy parents about what goes on in our social skills groups.  As I became more confident and comfortable I wanted to communicate with other school-based SLP’s and share what worked successfully in the groups.  I think that I achieved my goals with some great bonuses.  I have connected with many great folks through this blog and learned a great deal.

The plan is to make the 2nd year of this blogging journey even better!  Here’s what is in the works for next school year:

  • A Mentor club
  • A Co-taught language arts resource class with a focus on reading comprehension
  • A Focus on Friendship
  • Student goal setting

I should have plenty to write about and there will be plenty of visual supports.

The new school year begins in a couple of weeks so visit often as the journey continues.

My Best,



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