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Suggested Summer Reading

on August 8, 2013


Most of the time my summer reading consists of what I call “beach reads” or “trashy novels” but during these last weeks of the break I decided to read something educational.  As I research and investigate for my blog posts, I make a list of the resources and books that catch my eye.  This one screamed “Read Me, Read Me”.


Michelle Garcia Winner, founder, Social Thinking, commented about this book- “The message is simple:  our students’ challenging behaviors will continue if we only use punishments or rewards.  Our job as caregivers is to understand our students’ dilemmas and teach them better coping strategies.  Waste no more time spinning your wheels with challenging students; allow your self to be guided by the interventions articulated so well in the pages of this book.”

The above comment sealed the deal, so I bought the book and have been reading and rereading ever since.  My interest was piqued as I read the list of Essential Concepts for Understanding Behavior and my eyes popped out on “the only behavior teachers can control is their own”.  Authors Jessica Minahan and Nancy Rappaport, MD  write that “one of the most powerful ways to help teachers is to show them how changing their own behavior can help guide students toward behavior change”.

The authors offer a FAIR Plan.  FAIR is an acronym:  F is for understanding the function of the behavior, A is for accommodations, I is for intervention strategies, and R is for responses.  They believe that good plans help teachers interact with challenging students in a more productive and preemptive way.  They believe in replacement behaviors and coping strategies.  Me too.

As I said before, I am reading, rereading and making notes.  I highly recommend this book for parents, teachers and administrators.

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