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Last week of summer therapy

on July 31, 2013





This is the last week of summer speech therapy.  It has been lots of fun.  I found some good strategies to assist students with eliminating phonological processes, motor planning, expanding responses, and articulation.



Maura had good success using a descriptive sentence frame.  She chose pictures from a set of 3 to complete a sentence frame.  The noun picture was selected first and then two appropriate adjective pictures.  What a great tool for working on expanding utterances, describing words, and intelligibility.  The sentence frames are a freebie created by and available for download on http://www.teacherspayteachers.



Sometimes it isn’t easy to keep a 4 year old boy engaged for 30 minutes.  Word Joggers Jr. did the trick.  The token tower was an added bonus.  Liam was so motivated  to fill up that tower with tokens that he did some of his best work.  He really likes animals so we chose that category for play.  This game worked well for addressing word retrieval and phonological processing.  Word Joggers Jr. is available at



Z is using the aspiration trick for pre-vocalic voicing (pig=big).  These visuals are available at  This trick has worked well for him in summer therapy.



Zingo ranks as the #1 fav game in Room 99.  So many ways to use this motivating game.  Maggie practices CVC words, naming skills, and sentence construct I+have+_____.  Woohoo!


See you in September!


PS  I saw this Time Tracker used in a preschool classroom yesterday and knew I had to have one.  It is a Learning Resources product available at Toys r us.  Check it out-pTRU1-2882625reg

Visual and Auditory cues for keeping on track.

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