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Want to see the fun we are having in summer speech therapy?

on July 17, 2013





Here’s what’s happening during summer speech therapy-


We love interactive storybooks. They provide so many opportunities for multisensory language learning. These picture communication interactive storybooks are from













Maggie loves to get her hands on these books.



Cariboo is a super fun game for ages 3-6 yrs. My student is working on articulation so I modified it by making my own /l/ pictures. Instead of a plastic jewel in the treasure chest, I put a Skittle or Smartie (much more motivating). I bought this game on Amazon. I switch out the pictures depending on the needs of the student. Anderson is so motivated by this game that he is self-correcting /l/ and using 3-4 word utterances during play.

I created this social story for another student. She is struggling to just share space with her classmates.












The Social Skill Builder app for iPad is a great tool for this student. The interactive videos are helpful in assisting her with social problem solving and perspective taking. Here is a demo of the app-


Mouth Works app for iPad uses video modeling for speech sound production.  I don’t really like this app (as an adult it is annoying) but the young students like it.




A good ol’ game of Go Fish is always fun.  Liam is working on several skills during this  game.




I am missing my social skills groups and can’t wait to see them but I am having tons of fun in summer therapy!

My Best,


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