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The Social Navigator

on July 6, 2013









I just bought a new social skills app called The Social Navigator.  It is designed to be “both a behavior management device and a teaching tool”.  As my students progress, their need for visual supports changes.  With our goal of self-monitoring and self-management, The Social Navigator looks like a fine addition to our app library.

Go to: for the science behind the design of this app.  Lorraine Millan, the app’s creator, is the mother of a child with special needs.  It is her mission to “expand competent and compassionate care” to socially challenged individuals and their families.

To start, the student answers a few questions:

Where are you?                  relative's house

What do you want to be able to do?                     get something

The Social Navigator will then provide strategies and reminders  reminders

The student is then given the opportunity to check the skills they used.  Next, they self-check by answering questions such as “Did you get what you wanted?” , “Was everyone satisfied?” and “Overall, how did the suggestions work?”.

The Social Navigator documents behavior and tracks progress.

It looks great “on paper” but the true test will be how the students like it.  We will certainly put it to the test!

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