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The Best Thing

on June 30, 2013


I just read the Best Thing!  So good that I had to share it.  Sarah Ward is a Speech Pathologist and expert on Executive Function.  In her presentation titled Practical Therapeutic Interventions to Improve Executive Function Skills she lists this quick strategy:

Start each session with a joke!  Laughter increases subcortical balance and teaches students to shift and think in abstract ways.

Check out more good stuff at and find an article written by Sarah Ward at

This is a very cool video about executive functions

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One response to “The Best Thing

  1. mhkeiger says:

    What a great reminder to use more jokes during therapy. Sometimes I ask the students to send me a funny video of the day (30 second limit). After I preview it, we watch it in group. They love sharing something that made the whole group laugh.

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