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Summer Fun

on June 22, 2013

Summer Fun-001

Between mowing the lawn, weeding the flower beds, and painting, I have been thinking – What would my students love to do for fun during the summer?  I found some great ideas to share.






First, I want to recommend this game created by Mia McDaniel over at  It is available at  for $2.50 (I think).






There are a big bunch of fun ideas at












I think working together to make these activities would be a great communication opportunity.


Check out 8 Great Summer Activities for Kids with Special Needs at






My favorite is a Slip-n-Slide but the sprinkler looks mighty fun.






I have mentioned before on the blog that I really like Autism Live.  Check out this episode featuring The Swim Professor on Autism and Swimming.


My Best,


3 responses to “Summer Fun

  1. mhkeiger says:

    Great summer ideas! I will try to post what I did in my groups last week for camp.

  2. Awww Thanks for mentioning my summertime trivia game above here – I saw traffic coming from this site to my blog and had to check it out!! What a nice surprise to find you recommending my little game! Also, so happy to have found your blog 🙂

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