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Summer is here!

on June 18, 2013





“Back to school” is a phrase with multiple meanings.  Just returned from my 40th high school class reunion.  What a great time!  Today I will go “back to school” to finish end of the year stuff and prepare for ESY therapy.

Seems to me that summer would be a great time for teaching your child about goal setting.  Check this out-

Here is an example of a goal setting visual from simple

jump rope



Another tool for  teaching your children about goal setting is a vision board.  Visit

A vision board is a whole-brain, multi sensory, family activity.  It is a collage of pictures, words, and goals on anything you would like to achieve.  Making a vision board together helps with organizing, fine motor skills and social communication.



On this board, a student writes “I want to learn to paint”.  These are a great way to discuss that there are “steps” to achieving something.  Vision boards also help to teach a “process”.


In this video, the idea of a vision book rather than vision board for students with ADHD is discussed.  Having a visual record of achievement in the book is a huge plus.

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