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Self-monitoring Center

on June 6, 2013


This week we tried out the “Self-monitoring Center”.   I thought it was time to help the students learn to help themselves.  I saw this great poster offered as a free download.  It is called the “Learning Zone” and was created by Kelly Hively, one half of the Dynamic Duo over at  I had it printed as a poster and it is the focal point of our self-monitoring center.

Learning Zone poster

The students are instructed to pause and think about how they feel.  How does your body feel?  How does your brain feel?  Are you ready to learn?  Our work with the Zones of Regulation has prepared our students for self-monitoring.

I created a visual to use during the training period.  Until the students learn to self-check automatically they need a visual list of what to do.







After identifying their state of regulation, the students can decide what strategy will help them maintain or get in the green zone.





A yoga station is available.  Fidget toys, stretchy bands, a crunchy snack, water or gum are among the choices.  If the student is ready to learn they may relax and look at a book while the others get ready.  A timer is set for 5 minutes.  When the timer buzzes it is time to join the group.

This is what it looks like




All went well for the first try. We saw where we needed to make some adjustments. My plan is to have these self-check centers within certain classrooms next year .



My Best,


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