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This has been a week of nice surprises

on June 5, 2013


Just when I feel that I am drowning in paperwork and that I will never get finished-I get a nice surprise!


Holly Brown,  you made my day with the hydrangea.  It is lovely and so are you!













One of my dear students wrote this

photo jack

In his second grade classroom, this student was assigned to choose a hero and write why this person is your hero.  It reads:

My hero is Ms. McCallister.   Because she helps me learn to talk to my friends at lunch so I can become a better freind and she teaches me stratigies such as self-talk to help me get through hard times in the future

My heart was so happy!


and today

pizza today




lunch provided by the Teacher Appreciation Committee of the PTA







Feeling appreciated,


One response to “This has been a week of nice surprises

  1. caroline busbice says:

    So glad! You are to be appreciated for the good work that you do :) We are going to miss you next year.

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