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As the year winds down…

on May 29, 2013





I continue to discover new visuals, new games, new strategies to use with the Lunch Buddies groups.  So many good therapy tools, so little time left.




First, let me show you a power card that I made for one of my students






Love the concept of the power card developed by Elisa Gagnon.






SOL testing in the morning this week, but we have managed to squeeze in a few groups.


I love this activity created by Kristine Lamb over at  I bought the download on


millionaire 1









This social language game has a bit of everything. Not only is it fun but it targets inferences, predicting, cause and effect, and verbal reasoning. I even took it a step further, using social thinking vocabulary and the social behavior mapping concepts.

The individual game boards look like this.  With each correct answer, student accumulate points.

photo copy

The students worked hard on this activity.


My Best,


2 responses to “As the year winds down…

  1. Robin Parker says:

    Love your blog. Spoke to Joel Shaul who suggested I contact you about a project I am working on, but I do not see your contact info. If you have an interest in ‘speaking’, please contact me at Thanks so much.

  2. Catrina Nappier says:

    Robin, you ROCK!

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