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From Sleuths to Rock Stars

on May 21, 2013


Today has to go on record as one of the MOST fun days of our school year!  The first grade group looked for What’s Missing? The third grade group played the Zones of Regulation App and the Multi-categorical class played a loud, fun game of Zingo.

The social sleuths used their detective skills to listen for clues to figure out what each person was missing in a given social situation.  We used the What’s Missing activity from Help! I Need Social Skills Pack created by  The Dabbling Speechie  and is available on

Here’s what it looked like –

photo copy 2 I read or helped the students read the scenario written on the game cards.  Then they had to decide what social skill was missing.  Here’s an example item:

“Macy asked Shelly if she liked her performance in the band concert. Shelly told Macy, “The music was really boring.  I didn’t like it at all”    What’s Missing?

Did Shelly use kind words?  Playing in band is important to Macy, so saying it is boring hurts her friend’s feelings.

Walker C. rocked the activity.  He suggested that Unthinkable Mean Jean was causing trouble by making Shelly say mean words to her friend.  He correctly named the Unthinkable who might be on the loose in many of the social situations in this game.


The sleuths discussed some non-verbal cues, words or actions that the person could have done to make that social situation better.

Zingo! is an all time favorite for all my students.  The students in the Multi-categorical class had a blast with it.  Everyone kept their brain and body in the group.  I heard “big sentences” telling me that they had the picture to match the Zingo chip.  I also heard encouraging comments.  It was awesome!

photo copy

Guess who got Zingo!

Rock On!


3 responses to “From Sleuths to Rock Stars

  1. cjmonty says:

    I just came across your Blog and I really like it. It is good to read how people are putting social skills training into action.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I like your “It’s How You Say It” cards!

  3. Felice Clark says:

    Thanks for featuring my product! I am so thrilled your kids loved the activities. Glad I found your blog!!

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