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Context Clues and More

on May 20, 2013


Before I share the activities of the day, I want to share a little love note.  For Teacher Appreciation Week, students created uniquely designed butterflies that hung in the lobby of Mary Munford.  I am proud to report that Jack B. accessed the brain file that he created for me to make this absolutely fabulous butterfly.

photo copy 2





I love how he included the coping strategy “positive self-talk” and a reference to “Superflex”.  There is a poster on my board that reads, “Keep Calm and Rock it Like a Redhead”.  He included “Rock it!” on the butterfly.  Thank you, Jack B., for being so thoughtful and creating this butterfly just for me.





New yoga pose added to our session.  We call this the “Triangle Pose”.

photo copy











Now, for the “Context Clues” activity.10160145-detective-investigating-with-a-magnifying-glass

Nicole Allison over at has provided us with fun learning lately.  Today we were detectives again but this time we were reading and learning word meaning through Context Clues.

context clues





Nicole Allison asks, “Why teach vocabulary using context clues?  Research supports it!  Giving our students strategies to learn words is proven more successful than trying to teach individual words”.  I concur.  Some of the Lunch Buddies are challenged when reading to understand what some words mean within the context of a certain sentence, paragraph or passage.



Each card in this activity has a sentence containing a word in bold.  The students have to look for other words or group of words that give them a clue as to the meaning of that bold word and then define it.  Hard work but good practice.

Here is what it looked like –


There are some mighty good detectives in the Monday second grade group!  One lunch buddie  was even mistaken for Mario!!

Here is an article worth reading by Dr. Paula Kluth-

My Best,


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