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A Bit of Self-Control Practice

on May 15, 2013



We hit the jackpot with the Inference and Problem Solving activity packet created by Nicole Allison over at and available on  Monday we had a blast with Take off that Disguise!  Yesterday with the first grade group we played the Who Can Answer the Fastest? game.  This card game is set up like 20 Questions.  There are 3 clues on each card about a person, place or thing.  An example would be-  Thing, Bubble, Sweet-gum.


I decided to add a twist to this already fun game.  I got out the “buzzers” to turn it into a Jeopardy-like game.


First, I reviewed the rules.  After I read the clues, the students needed to demonstrate self-control by stopping and thinking before buzzing.  If they buzzed without knowing the answer they lost a turn.  If they blurted out the answer on someone else’s turn, they lost theirs.  Those Barnyard Answer Buzzers are so fun!  The game was a great test in self-control.  Everyone enjoyed it.

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