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Whole Body Listening

on May 13, 2013


The concept of Whole Body Listening was created by Susanne Paulette Truesdale (1990), a speech pathologist, to improve effective listening.  The concept is now incorporated  for effective thinking with our eyes and listening skills.  The cute visual above is a creation of The Dynamic Duo at

I use the book published by LinguiSystems titled, Can You Listen With Your Eyes?.  It is especially good with young children.


I try to make all lessons as interactive as possible.  I created this visual to help me do just that.  I make two copies.  I laminate them and then cut out the pictures on one and use velcro so that the children can participate by placing the picture of the body part that is being talked about in the correct spot.















This is what it looks like in small group

photo (96)

photo (97)



As I was reviewing the IEP for a preschool student, I noticed that the Present Level of Performance was full of comments about his struggle with listening.  So, I pulled out my “bag of tricks” labeled “Whole Body Listening”.  It is tried and true.  I hope that when we review his IEP the comments will be, ” He is such a good listener and follows directions the first time!”

Whole Body Listening-it’s a good thing,


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